Why is mdma illegal

Why MDMA Should Not Have Been Made

Listen up and listen good. Table of contents. So, What Exactly is MDMA? MDMA is the popular name for 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Ecstasy, a highly popular version of MDMA is an illegal drug obtained.

It is true that the use of this love drug has become quite common; however, not a lot of people know how to stay safe. We want to give you all the.

Note: If you feel that something isnt right, do not hesitate to get help or call an ambulance. Serotonin Syndrome (excess serotonin You may experience this problem within minutes. The symptoms include.

Some users may experience the effects in just 20 minutes and then there are others who might not feel anything for 60 minutes. It depends upon a lot of factors like the.

Drug interactions can be lethal so be careful with them. Hyponatremia (electrolyte disturbance Common symptoms are spasms, cramps, nausea, and vomiting. To get better, take some sports drinks. Hepatic Damade (liver toxicity.

Ecstasy: The name is used to refer to pills that may contain MDMA. Ecstasy pills may contain amphetamines and some other stimulants that provide an extra high. However, these mixtures can be.

Some mixed drugs; some tried to drive while there were on a high. Dancing for hours at a hot club after taking MDMA can cause a heat stroke and death. If are.

There are a lot of substances that mimic the effects of MDMA, and some are vey dangerous like PMMA. Just for a short recap: Molly: Molly is the nickname used for MDMA.

Keep in mind, just because the dealer says that it is Molly, it does not have to be pure MDMA, and you should always test your stuff, no matter if they are.