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Its also clear that the threats to the dark Net markets - police investigations, sudden site disappearances and the exit scams that occur when operators make off with users bitcoin wallets.

Silk Road, the best known of these drug sites, was shut down in 2013 and its founder Ross Ulbricht sentenced earlier this year to spend the rest of his life in prison. 

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The dark Net is made up of a few dozen criminal websites that exist in the much wider deep Web, defined as the vast online world thats inaccessible with a traditional engine.

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Instead, users trying to access deep Web sites - anything from an anarchist book club to a rape counseling forum to the dark Net drug sites - must download the free, heavily.

Take Operation Onymous, the police investigation that took down the Silk Road 2.0 and other smaller markets, as an example. These are all events that generated substantial doubts in both vendors and.

Combined revenue from the most popular dark Net sites, the online black market, exceeds 100 million every year. Thats according to researchers who found that, even after the founder of the Silk Road market.

The judge who sentenced Ulbricht told the 31-year-old Texas native that, as the proprietor of an unprecedented business model, Ulbricht would need to pay the price for that. But other dark Net.